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Dr.V. Saleem Basha, Principal


Sl. No. Title of the collaborative activity Name of the collaborating agency with contact details Name of the participant  Duration Nature of the activity
1 Guest Lectures on Chemical Kinetics SVDC, Kadapa Dr N. Anand Kumar Reddy, SVDC, Kadapa 30-08-2019 Guest lecture
2 Guest lecture on IR Spectroscopy SVDC, Kadapa Dr B. Ramachandra Lecturer in Chemistry, GCMA, Kadapa 23-01-2020 Guest lecture
3 Guest Lecture on Analysis of Fertilizers at GCMA Kadapa College D. Winni Teja 28-01-2020 Extension  lecture
4 Safety symbols and signs on chemical bottles in Chemistry lab College D. Winni Teja 18-02-2020 Faculty forum
5 Analysis of cement at GCMA, Kadapa College J. Mary suguna 27-02-2020 Guest lecture
6 Airpollution College Dr A.L.V Ramana Reddy 27-02-2020 Guest lecture
7 Wave optics GDCM(A), Kadapa G.Pakardin 27.01.2020 Guest lecture
8 Light optics GDC, Porumamila S. Zamal Basha 28.12.2019 Guest lecture
9 Differential equations GDC M(A), Kadapa S. Nagendra 20.02.2020 Guest lecture
10 Vector spaces SVDC, Kadapa K. Chandrasekhar raju 20.03.2020 Guest lecture
11 Guest Lecture on Environmental Laws & Audit Yogi vemana University, Kadapa Dr.S.Sumithra, Asst.Professor, Dept.of Envi.Science,YVU, Kadapa 21-02-2020 Guest lecture
12 Guest Lecture on Career Guidance GDCM(A), Kadapa Dr B.Vijay Kumar 25.01.2020 Guest lecture
13 Guest lecture  on C DNA Library GDCM(A), Kadapa Dr B. kalpana 25.02.2020 Guest lecture
14 “Extensive Lecture on Interference and its applications” through online platform Govt Degree College, Sanagareddy, Telangana.  Dr M. padmavathi 30.04.2020 Guest lecture
15 Awareness programme on Food adulteration  Health & Medical department Sri A.Viswanatha Reddy, Retired  DFC, Health & Medical department  23.09.2020 Awareness programme
16 Guest Lecture on Career Guidance MS academy  Sri Sultan Mohiddin,  02.11.2020 Guest lecture
17 Guest Lecture on Modern History Silver Jublee college Kurnool  Dr. Prasad Reddy  08.11.2020 Guest lecture
18 Guest lecture on   on the topic entitled “Biodiversity and Conservation of endemic plants, Thretend plants in Esteren ghats” YVU, kadapa A.MadhusudhanReddy, YVU 26.11.20 Guest lecture