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Dr.V. Saleem Basha, Principal


             Strategy Development and Deployment

                   The Institutional Strategic/Perspective plan is effectively Deployed

                   Since the inception of the college has shown tremendous growth in all aspects. From 1973 onwards it blossomed under the efficient administrators who formulated,communicated and implemented strategies effectively. The college has started its new journey from the year 2017-2018 in autonomous pattern to reap the benefits of autonomy by contrived strategies and deployment of it.



 The functions of the institution and its academic and administrative units are governed by the principals of participation and transparency. To achieve its objectives,formulated certain specific plans based on   guidelines and directives to enhance overall quality of the institution.  The main aim of the strategy development is to aligning all the academic and administrative forces to achieve its vision and mission.


The following plans are derived after a discussion in staff council meeting on the basis of analysis, assessment and estimates with a vision for future development and quality sustenance. Keeping in mind, the short term, medium term and long term development plans, the college always adopt sabottom-papproach with astrategic directive given from the top administration management.


Strategic Plan

  • Planned to introduce job oriented courses
  • Offering certificate and diploma courses through various excellence
  • Introduce skill development and value oriented courses
  • Extensive use if ICT enabled teaching to optimize delivery information
  • Introduced 60:40 internal external evaluation up to 2019-2020. but modified evaluation  process implemented  75:25 from the year 2020-2021
  • Implementation of e-governance in essential areas
  • Infrastructure development
  • Library automation
  • Recruiting full time guest faculty in sanctioned vacancy posts
  • Cater Internet facility/Wifi to the entire campus
  • Plan to start virtual /Digital and ICT enabled class
  • Providing opportunity to students to  participate in games and sports and cultural programmes
  • Sensitization of students to all social and environmental issues
  • Encourage students to enroll in MOOCs and other online courses.
  • To make campus Eco Friendly
  •  Encourage students to enroll in NCC/NSS/ Red ribbon club/and other knowledge clubs for all round development..

Strategic Plan 2017-2018 to 2022-2023


  • Introduction of new market oriented courses:For the academic year 2020-2021 on 1 UG and 1 PG programmes were introduced
  • Curriculum Design and Development:The College focused on revision of syllabus based on employability, entrepreneurship and skill development as per the needs.
  • Teaching and Learning process:Quality learning is provided in the institution by using ICT enabled equipment through online and offline (Blended Mode) in Pandemic situation.  To facilitate students Learning Management System (LMS) also prepared by faculty and kept ready to use in APCCE website.
  • Feedback Mechanismis strictly maintained to assess teaching learning and evaluative processand on institution and reforms to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the system.
  • Continuous Evaluative Processis being carried out by examination cell through Internal and External Evaluation (CIA, Direct and Indirect Evaluation).
  • To inculcate research cultureamong the students and staff encouraged to attend and to conduct student seminars, staff seminars/ workshops/FDPs .Planning to provide seed money and financial support for research and to attend conferences from autonomous grant
  • To improve quality of institution, Utilization of Library as a learning resource for all the stakeholders to acquire information and to enrich knowledge by using INFLIBNET for e-Journals and e-Books.
  • The institution adopts policies and strategies to provide adequate technology and deployment of ICT facilities for academic and administrative purposes.  As a part of it the policy provided internet facility to all administrative and academic Departments with 40 MBPS BSNL network and Digital classrooms provided with fibrenet facility.
  • The institution provides necessary assistance to students to their holistic development and progression through well structured and organized guidance and counseling and mentoring system for optimal progression of students.
  • The college conducts appropriate Professional Development Programmes for Teaching and Non-Teaching to upgrade the professional competence of the staff through feedback mechanism.
  • The institution has a special self regulated responsibility oriented cell (IQAC) to adopt quality management strategies in all academic and administrative aspects.  According to the plans and strategies prepared by IQAC, all the institutional activities are carried out for excellence.
  • Apart from teaching, Institution adopts certain environmental friendly practices such as energy conservation, rain water harvesting, organic compost, green practices, and Eco friendly campus.  In addition to it, two best practices has owned by institution for the development and welfare of the students (Skill-Will Club, Mentoring System).

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