Reaccredited with ‘B’ Grade by NAAC

Affiliated to Yogi Vemana University

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Dr.V. Saleem Basha, Principal





The ELL is established in the year 2007-08 with 31 systems, 1 server and 1 printer. The English language lab is used for teaching phonetics.

How Digital English Language laboratory can help the student’s learning process?

  • First and foremost, as it is a digital Laboratory platform, it is available to everyone and can be easily accessed from any location. Hence reaching a wider range of audience.
  • To learn a English language, one needs constant practice. This software works for the overall  development of the learner and enhances the ability to Listen, Speak, Read and Write.
  • It provides with digital English Language Laboratory tools designed exclusively according to the needs of English learners.
  • It allows the teacher to monitor the activities of the student, thus, teacher is the controlling authority and can guide the students. The teacher can conduct online tests and generate reports.
  • It allows full control over the course structure. One can create, organize and manage content according to their own convenience.
  • English Language Lab An in-built voice recording feature is available for exercise and text.
  • Notice board facility is provided in the software where all important notifications are grouped in together and alerts the learner about his/her progress.
  • Batch Management system allows the learner to choose their own batch.

LSRW Activities for benefits of the Students / Learners

LSWR expands to Listen, Speak, Read, and Write. LSWR is considered the most effective methodology for learning English languages. Access to advanced material in text, audio and video formats develop highly effective listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Writing is a slower communication process, where a person has enough time to frame words and express themselves, while speaking is a simultaneous process.

The fear of speaking wrong English and causing embarrassment inhibits people from speaking at all. Digital language lab provides the solution to this problem and teaches you in a sequential manner so that you improve your skills faster and accurately. English Language labs make it possible to quickly and efficiently introduce your students to American, English, Irish, Australian, Scottish and various other types of accents they’re likely to encounter out in the world. The lessons can be reviewed in all three formats of text, audio and video, hence, providing quicker learning. The alert option for clarification session with the teacher at one click encourages easy learning for shy students.


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