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Dr.V. Saleem Basha, Principal

Waste Management


SKR & SKR Govt. college for Women (A), Kadapa has been implementing effective waste management practices such as segregation of Solid waste & Liquid waste to protect environment, health and well-being.

Solid Waste Management

  • It is segregatedand collected by Kadapa Corporation to dispose off properly to the dumping yards.
  • Waste like plastic, metals, glass, cardboard, newspaper and stationery are collected, segregated and sold to authorize vendors.
  • College adopts paperlessdigitization of office procedures through electronic means via Whatsappgroup, email and Google classroom, Staff circulars in Google drive, Google Document.
  • Teaching faculty are sharing Digital assignments to the students through e-mails, Google docs etc. .
  • Online certificate courses, Online Quizzes, online classes, online seminars/Workshops. 

Liquid Waste Management

  • This system is adopted in campus to minimize the chemical and biological load of domestic sewage and disposed periodically.
  • Liquid and semi-liquid wastes are safely disposed periodically
  • The excess of water is used to botanical garden and flesh tanks in the washrooms.
  • Students are made aware that conserving water is equivalent to conserving their future. Drinking water from the tap, and refilling bottle as often as the students need. 

E-Waste Management

  • Electronic gadgets are repaired for minor defects to ensure its optimum utilization.
  • The electronic waste components such as computer system components, CPU and ICs are used in practical demonstration to the students.
  • Some of the reusable electronic components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, thermistors etc. are removed from the gadgets and used by students in making projects.